January 2023

Installation of Houseboat Anna

IMG 20230126 WA0001 IMG 20230126 WA0005


December 2022

Progress of the work

MER GOT 202212 HouseAnnaWeb

View outside the living module

 MER GOT 202212 FloatingPlatform


View of the wooden structure mounted on floating elements which will receive the living module

 MER GOT 202212 Inside

View from outside the living module

 MER GOT 202212 ViewHarbour

View of the future parking area of the loating habitat

 MER GOT 202212 RoofAndreas

Andreas, senior builder, explaining the construction and layers of the roof

 ©Quatorze-Nancy Ottaviano, Decembre 2022  


October 2022

News about the pilot in the local press:!umDIjeKLuaHF6fvyK3TZw/

IMG 5175

September 2022

The building process starts for the pilot project of housing for people in exile in Gothenburg, As part of the WP5 coordinated by Quatorze, we are proud and happy to work with Egnahems Fabriken in the Ringön neighbourhood where the existing employment opportunities may allow for real social inclusion leads for the future beneficiaries. For now, let's focus on the building brigades and construction process !

Pilote Gothenburg 1 Pilot Gothenburg 2
 Pilot Gothenburg 3  Pilote Suede 4