Université de Rennes & EHESP

 Logo Univ RennesUniversité de Rennes 1 is amongst the twelve main universities in France. It is a multidisciplinary university, famous for its excellence and dynamic research. The Université de Rennes 1 has four main research sectors, linked to four graduate schools: Mathematics and ICT (Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies), Life and Health Sciences, Material Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Logo Ehesp The École des hautes études en santé publique is a public institution with a dual mission of training and research in public health and social action. The four missions defined for the School are as follows: to provide training for people who have to exercise leadership, management, inspection or control functions in the health, social or medico-social fields; to provide higher education in public health through networking; to contribute to public health research activities; to develop international relations, particularly through exchanges with institutions providing comparable teaching.

Arènes, the team involved in the project, is a research laboratory gathering academics working in three main fields (social and health policies; engagement, political life and media; local public action). Arènes works on key areas like health, youth, vulnerable populations, migration events, the environment and territories, and democratisation processes. The Arènes laboratory attempts to comprehend contemporary social and political developments through sociological investigations and public policy analysis, and by exploring the history of groups and institutions (archives). Its unifying purpose is to improve the use of knowledge in the policy-making process. Arènes is involved in WP2, 3 and 8


Alessia Lefebure

Alessia Lefebure

sociologist, her field of research is comparative public policies and migrants’ integration process (Education)

Patricia Loncle

Patricia Loncle

Sociologist, her field of research is “young people and public policies”. She is currently involved in a research action on access to rights for vulnerable young people

Emmanuelle Maunaye

Sociologist, her field of research is “young people and housing” and migrants’ access to rights

Fransez Poisson

Works as a youth worker in Coop’Eskemm, a local cooperative. He’s also a political scientist specialized in youth policies and migrants’ access rights

Pascale Petit-Senechal

Professor of practice specialized in youth policies, migration policies and access to rights

Evamaria Hahn

Research intern on social policies and comparative perspective