For the implementation of the three pilot projects we expect interactions with stakeholders:

 Set up committees at national/regional level and at European levelto support and advise us and discuss the implementation and progress of our pilot projects 

 Interview the refugees and volunteers and as such we will officially collaborate with NGOs and public authorities

 Set up participative workcamps with the beneficiaries, volunteers and civil society members


Stakeholder Forum Meetings will take place alongside consortium meetings. Each meeting will put the spotlight on one of the four main target groups of stakeholders, namely:

  1. Institutions involved in migration issues with a particular emphasis on migrant integration (relatively closer linkages with WP2 and WP7)
  2. NGOs in the field of housing and migration issues (relatively closer linkages with WP3)
  3. Municipalities (Lyon , Valencia, Gothenburg) who will give us advice especially regarding feasibility studies (relatively close linkages with WP4) and who will received recommendations (relatively close linkages with WP7)
  4. NGOs involved in designing and building housing or in social accompaniment policy , at regional, national or inter/supranational level (relatively close linkages with WP4, WP5 and WP6)


First meeting in Lyon on 5 October 2021 to start the feasibility studies of the pilot projects. For this purpose, the French partners and foyer Notre Dame des sans abris, thanks to the framework set by COTA, have worked together on the vision that we have and on the paths that would allow us to go there together.

WS Lyon 05102021