Logo QuatorzeQuatorze is a non-profit organization founded in 2007, which specifies in social architecture for resilient and agile territories. Dealing with subject such as high precariousness (eg. shantytowns) or urban renewal and design in the public space, Quatorze works with the beneficiaries of its projects. Our methods are based on co-design and co-construction: we analyze contexts and situations, organize and mediate workshops with all the stakeholders and host building times within the LAB14 or on open air construction sites.

Due to its expertise in project management of innovative housing project, Quatorze is in charge of leading the implementation of the pilots of MERGING. Quatorze will also gather pieces of literature linked to architecture, participatory design and the inclusion of third country nationals in the neighborhood and analyze the architectural aspects and social design of the case studies.


Team members

Nancy Ottaviano: Architect and urban planner, Ph.D. in Urban Planning, director of research, project leader

Romain Minod : Architect, co-funder and co-director of Quatorze

Daniel Millor Vela: Architect MOE, PhD candidate in Public Health

Emily Mugel, Architect, PhD candidate in Architecture