Housing for immigrants and community integration in Europe and beyond: strategies, policies, dwellings and governance

An international and interdisciplinary study of migrant integration through participatory housing initiatives.

The research project MERGING aims to examine existing integration policies and initiatives on the European, regional and local level, but also the individual practices in which housing plays an important role. It consists of doing a comparison of different case studies on their treatment and integration and identify the best practices”.

This first step will lead to design and put in the place participatory pilot initiatives aimed at integration through housing, with the Quatorze association, and test them in three EU countries: France (Lyon), Spain (Valencia) and Sweden (Gothenburg).

The final objective of MERGING is to measure the long-term effects of participatory initiatives linked to housing and demonstrate the factors which favor or block pathways for migrant integration. The goal is to propose recommendations to public actors on a local, national and European level for migrant integration, based on factual data.

MERGING is coordinated by Catherine MERCIER-SUISSA , associate professor and thesis supervisor in economics at iaelyon School of Management (University Jean Moulin Lyon 3) and a researcher at Magellan Research Center, and Noémie DOMINGUEZ, associate professor in management sciences at iaelyon School of Management - Université Jean Moulin and a researcher at the Magellan Research Center.

MERGING project has been awarded 3M€ by the European programme H2020 for three years and gathers 10 partners:

the University of Bologna (Italy), the Universities of Gothenburg and Malmö (Sweden), the French research centre Arènes of Rennes, the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and Lyon Ingenierie Projets (France), the University of Valencia (Spain), Social Business Earth (Switzerland), Quartorze (France) and COTA (Belgium).

MERGING has started on 1st January 2021.