MERGING Final conference

Image ConfHousing initiatives as drivers of social inclusion

The MERGING final event will be held on Thursday April 18th 2024 in Brussels

Venue: Comet Louise, Place Stéphanie 20 - 1050 Brussels

Plenary morning session in hybrid format (link for on-line meeting will be sent after registration)

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Online interpretation in English, French, Spanish and Italian

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1st floor

Welcome and complimentary

Welcome by Cota

09:00  09:15

Main room - 3rd floor

Introduction: The Merging project in a nutshell

  • Pr Catherine Mercier-Suissa & Dr Noémie Dominguez (UJML - MERGING coordinators)
  • Mr Michail Moschovakos, Policy Officer, Migration, Education, Youth and Intangible Cultural Heritage, European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, D3-Fair Societies & Cultural Heritage.

09:30 10:15

Main room - 3rd floor

3 pilots, 3 stories: presentation of the projects

  • Introduction: Mr Romain Minod, Co-founder and Director of Quatorze
  • Prof Catherine Mercier-Suissa (UJML) and Ms Mallory Mahout (FNDSA), representatives from the Cocon project (Lyon)
  • Prof Carles X Simo-Noguerra (UVEG) and MsAngela Rolania Barrera (València Acull),  representatives from the Caliu Urba project (Valencia)
  • Ms Nancy Ottaviano (Quatorze) and Mr Dan Melander (First to know), representaive from the Anna project (Gothenburg)

10:15  10:45

Main room - 3rd floor

Merging’s final evaluation: findings and recommendations

  • Ms Mina De Beaumont & Mr Thibault Simonet (Cota)

10:45  11:05  


11:05  12:05

Main room - 3rd floor

Panel discussion: “How to rethink housing for migrants, refugees and newcomers in Europe, to ensure a sustainable and proper integration?”

Introduction and moderation

  • Ms Samatha Caccamo, CEO, Social Business Earth


  • Prof Pura Peris Garcia, Law professor, activist for housing, against racism and sexism, member of the Spanish Green Party and former regional DG for Housing Emergency and Social Function of Housing (2019-2023)
  • Ms Sameera Chukkapalli, Founder of Needlab, Obama Leader, and UN-Habitat Assembly Speaker
  • Prof Paolo Boccagni, Full Professor of Sociology at the University of Trento, Italy
  • Mr Rudi Osman, Journalist, and founder of the Union of Exiled Students, Obama leader
  • Mr Adam Labaran, Board Member, EU-COMAR, Vice President of the Refugees Union in Portugal

12:05  12:15

Main room - 3rd floor

Wrap-up of the morning session

Ms Alexandra Cogels & Mr Thibault Simonet (Cota)

12:15  13:15

LUNCH BREAK (on site buffet lunch)

13:15  13:30

MAIN ROOM, 2nd & 3rd ROOMs - 3rd floor

of the afternoon workshops

Ms Alexandra Cogels & Mr Thibault Simonet (Cota)

13:30  15:00

MAIN ROOM, 2nd & 3rd ROOMs - 3rd floor

Workshops (2 sessions)

  • Workshop 1 - Building housing projects, making home - Exhibition

Facilitation : Ms Nancy Ottaviano (Quatorze) & Ms Alexandra Cogels (Cota)

Workshop 2 – Integration: why and how? - Showcase of 3 European projects working on migrants' integration process.

-    Second Tree: Mr Giovanni Fontana, President

-    Integreat: Prof. Morena Cuconato & Ms Virginia Signorini (UNIBO)

-    Mimy: Ms Jutta Bissinger, R&D specialist, Department of Geography and Spatial Planning, Université du Luxembourg

Facilitation : Dr Noémie Dominguez (UJML) & Mr Thibault Simonet (Cota)

  • Workshop 3 – Operative concept of integration and concept of democratic participation in the pilots - Experience sharing about collaboration within the Merging pilot projects and personal experience

Facilitation: Mr Daniel Millor Vela (UVEG) & Ms Anne-Cécile de Giacomoni (LIP), with the testimonies of Prof Carles X Simo-Noguerra (UVEG) Ms Julia Checa Valero, General Coordinator of València Acull (Caliu Urba project)

15:00  15:30           


15:30  16:15

MAIN ROOM, 2nd & 3rd ROOMs - 3rd floor

Workshops (1 session)

See above

16:15  16:45

Main room - 3rd floor

Wrap-up of the afternoon session and closing remarks

  • Mr Romain Minod, Co-funder and Director of Quatorze
  • Prof Catherine Mercier-Suissa & Dr Noémie Dominguez (UJML - MERGING coordinators)