22 September Conference

22 September Conference

17:39, 08 September 2022

"From Housing to home making" in Gothenburg

The conference was organised by the Centre on Global Migration of the University of Gothenburg 

It presented insights of social inclusion of refugees from research and practice.
Housing and integration for refugees in Europe are often technocratic and highly politicized. We want to counter this approach by focusing on the processes of homemaking, belonging and social inclusion of newcomers.

Several MERGING partners presented a communication:

  • UVEGCo-participatory design of a housing and social integration pilot project in the city of València, Spain. Auteurs: Simó-Noguera, Carles; Velasco-Mengod, Jorge; Bañuls-Millet, Alicia. 
  • UNIBO:   Housing as an empowering springboard for refugees’ integration? Innovative housing experiences in 4 European cities. Auteur: Morena Cuconato
  • UGOTLocal housing and intégration policies for refugees: Exploring policy success and failure in the implementation of two constracting municipal projects in Sweden. Auteurs: Alexandra Bousiou; Sara Brorström; Andreas Dietrich; Olga Stepanova; Andrea Spehar.
  • UGOTHousing, integration and space. A comparative study of two temporary refugee housing initiatives in Sweden with constracting outcomes. Auteurs: Olga Stepanova; Andreas Dietrich; Alexandra Bousiou; Sara Brorström; Andrea Spehar.
  • UR/EHESPProfessionals and volunteers supporting exiled persons. Clashes and alliances in the field of accomodation and housing in France. Auteurs: Guillaume Negri; Emmanuelle Maunaye; Patricia Loncle.


  • Dragana

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