WP5 Implementation of pilots

Led by Quatorze with the involvement of UJML, UVEG and UGOT

The main objectives are the delivery, pilot-testing, assessment and review of the housing program in France (AURA region), in Spain (Valencia region) and in Sweden (Gothenburg region).

WP5 offers indications on how to organize the completion and manage the contracts with the companies/NGOs selected to run the pilots. This work package also includes monitoring of all stages of the development of solutions.

Based on a participatory approach, the MERGING project will involve immigrants into the different phases of the project. The principle is to empower them and integrate their specific needs when designing and implementing the actions resulting from these studies.

The pilots intend to involve the stakeholders at each step of the project so that they can take charge of it quickly and build both sustainable housing and strong links between immigrants and stakeholders.