Isis María Sánchez Estellés


National Prize for Sociology 2005. Doctor in Sociology from the University of Essex. Professor at the University of Castilla La Mancha.

She has taught the subjects of: "Management of Socio-educational Institutions" and "Social Structure of Spain" (2009-2014). Mentor, Essex Mentoring Programme, University of Essex. Her books include “Woman, Globalization and Castilla-La Mancha”, 2010. “New Insights for Political Sociology” (Editor) 2011.

She has participated in the study “The University of Valencia advances towards 2030: Exploratory study on the integration of the SDGs in the study plans”, 2021. She has published articles in Spanish and English Journals (Sociological Review; Konfrontasi Journal: Culture, Economy and Social Changes; Journal of Historical Sociology; Journal of the Sociology, etc.). Currently she is a researcher in the European project “Housing for Immigrants and Community Integration in Europe and Beyond: Strategies, Policies, dwellings, and governance (MERGING) EC 101004535”